Wheat (ZWZ21) is consolidating to start the week, digesting the bounce off last week’s weekly Doji low.  Significantly, ZW is likely to edge towards triangle resistance (on the daily and weekly chart) this week, buoyed by the break above downtrend resistance (on the 4hr chart).  (full story)

The long term swing point (1235.00) is also now 23.6% back to the high on 8/17/21 and 38.2% back to the high on 9/16/21 adding to the importance of this level. (full story)

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Educational and Actionable information using Fibonacci (full story)

The grain and oilseed sector rose by just under 5% in Q3 and was over 17.8% higher over the first three quarters of 2021. In gain in Q3 was thanks to the oats and wheat futures markets as corn and soybean futures posted double-digit percentage losses as corn lost over one-quarter of its value from June 30 through September 30. (full story)

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After wet weather last week, the week-ending October 23 turns drier for much of southern Brazil. In fact, most of the states that saw above-normal precipitation last week will see a reversal in precipitation trends as below-normal precipitation... (full story)

Ethereum (ETHUSD) surged in the past week, and is suddenly within a week’s volatility of testing the September and 2021 high. Significantly, the much higher September low versus the July low dramatically increases the odds of a decisive break above triangle resistance (on the weekly chart) this week.  (full story)

In this week's AgFax Weekend - Deere Workers Strike | Fertilizer Prices Soaring | and more. (full story)

December futures peaked to close at almost $1.12 on October 7th. This was followed by 4 consecutive lower days to just under $1.04 on October 13. Yesterday (Oct 14), we […] (full story)

The Cotton Bull continues his run and is eating at the trough again. First moving above 116 cents and then falling back just below 105 cents, prices have traded limit […] (full story)

Summary A long wave trough resulted in seasonal to below-normal temperatures across the western third of the contiguous U.S. (CONUS). A ridge of high pressure dominated the eastern two-thirds of […] (full story)

Harvest is rounding out well, as all eyes are now turning to the demand situation for a high-yielding crop. While Haiti is the usual suspect to fill out milled rice demand, […] (full story)

President Announces Changes, Potential Relief of Supply-Chain Bottlenecks On Wednesday, October 13, the President announced the Port of Los Angeles would begin operating around the clock, joining Long Beach, which […] (full story)

The U.S. average diesel fuel price increased nearly 11 cents to $3.59 per gallon on October 11, $1.19 higher than a year ago. The Gulf Coast price increased more than […] (full story)

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